Modular System

Building shells for professional and / or private use with standardized technical and operational characteristics per unit of space, that are transported by trucks on land and containers for transport by sea. They are partially or fully autonomous and require little infrastructure for their installation which is fully reversible environmentally.

Genius Simplicity

It consists of two slightly different types of cubes with sides of 3m in length, covered externally with panels and aluminum frames and internally with insulation and panel lining. The difference between the two types resides in a different configuration of the edge forming, which in one of the cubes curves with a radius of 60cm.

Standardized cubes are available, for uses such as living rooms, offices, dining rooms, bedrooms, wet areas, canopies, stairwells and can be assembled together depending on the requirements. Pre-selected types of residence with minimal area of 27m2 and maximum of 72m2 are presented analytically in the three-dimensional drawing and plan.

These pre-selected types of residence meet the usual requirements of common areas and bedrooms with functionality and add a harmonic architectural to the final form of building, along with the sheltered exterior spaces.

In the cases of mass production or professional use, for worksite areas, residences or employee dormitories, housing for sensitive groups etc.economic options are available, regarding the claddings – linings and equipment of the building shells.

Caheeba Attributes Evaluation

Based on the percentages of Caheeba properties, the buildings constructed with the Caheeba Modular Building System, have great capabilities of transportation flexibility, of function positioning and of autonomous operation, provided that they are equipped accordingly. They are ideal for a variety of permanent, low environmental footprint, fast construction installations, especially in locations with no urban infrastructure.

The Caheeba buildings are transported and positioned – assembled in a short time with minimal preparation.

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