Medium Caravan House

Comfortable Living for 4

Wheeled 2 bedrooms-house for placement in a campsite. The house is air-conditioned winter-summer, has hot water and is fully equipped with furniture, kitchen that accepts high energy class appliances and comfortable bathroom. Ideal for seasonal or permanent use in combination with the services provided by the campsite. With different interior layout can accommodate up to 8 people in 4 bunk beds.

Medium Caravan House is made of panels with a metal frame and insulation from 5cm thick polystyrene boards, which is lined on the outside with rabote wood and on the inside with plywood sheet. The chassis consists of stainless steel galvanized sheet and the openings are covered with aluminum frames. It has water supply / sewerage network with external connections, complete electrical installation with external connection and internal lighting with led.

It has all the necessary caravan houses certifications for Greece and the EU, has good energy behavior and thermal insulation factors in walls and frames, to operate on a seasonal or permanent basis as a home with emphasis on environmental friendliness and transport in different campsites.

Interior Characteristics

Interior Spaces:

1. Master Bedroom
2. Bedroom
3. Bathroom
4. Kitchen
5. Living/Dining room
6. Additional Terrace

Basic Dimensions:

Length: 9.70m
Width: 3.00m
Height: 2,75m
Effective Area: 29m²

Caheeba Attributes Evaluation

Based on the percentages of Caheeba properties, Medium Caravan House has the potential of complete self-sufficiency during the summer and the in-between months and partial self-sufficiency during winter. It is considered as the intermediate solution between the Eco-caravans and the Medi-houses and it is ideal for all kinds of campings, including the glamorous versions, because although it has a house-type layout it can be transferred to different campings.

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