Towing vehicles for rent for outdoor events, exhibitions, product promotion, corporate presentations, commercials, photography, festivals, road shows, sports activities

Green Kiosk-Light Canteen I

Your Green Promotion in Motion

The towable showroom / kiosk has capabilities for promotion and sale of products and for sanitary interest light uses. It provides facilities for electrical energy autonomy or connection to the grid. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and has a sliding mechanism for moving the front bench, a table in the middle, chairs with a tent, a storage space, dimmable led interior lighting, luminous led-sign, foldable canopy and several product display surfaces. It is flexible to deploy (set-up)/pack-up and easy to transport.

Basic Dimensions:

Length (without trail extension): 3.30m open / 2.50m closed

Width (without wheels): 2.00m

Height: 2.80m

Effective Area: 6.50m²  open

At each event Caheeba offers full support services including investment with logos and advertisements, transportation and placement, a la carte interior design, etc.