Static Eco-Caravan

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The towable static caravan house provides electrical energy production/storage facilities as well as rainwater collection and partial liquid waste recycling. The static caravan house is air-conditioned throughout winter and summer, has hot water and is fully equipped with furniture, kitchen compatible with appliances of high energy class and a comfortable bathroom. It is ideal for use during the spring semester, which under certain conditions can be extended to an annual use. By implementing a different interior design, the function of a seasonal 2 person professional space can be applied.

The Static Eco Caravan is made of metallic/wooden framed panels insulated by 3-4cm polystyrene and rock wool. External cladding is made of GRP and internal cladding is made of GRP or plywood panel lining. The chassis is made of bended galvanized sheet metal and the openings are covered with aluminum frames. It has an autonomous water supply / drainage-sewerage system, biological treatment as well as the option of external connections and complete interior led lighting.

For a better climatic response and a reduction of energy requirements, placement on the East-West axis with the large opening facing south is recommended, in order to ensure natural cooling and shading during the Vernal months. It is equipped with 6 P/V panels of 1,5kW power capacity in total and the necessary electrical layouts for generating and storing electricity, while a wind generator is combined externally.

It comes with all the necessary towing certifications for Greece and the EU, as well as the mechanical engineering equipment required for connections to the main networks. Thus, granting it capable of an annual operation as a residence, with emphasis on environmental friendliness and transportation to areas with road access.

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Interior Characteristics

Interior Spaces:

1. Bedroom
2. Living room
3. Kitchen
4. Bathroom
5. Hall

Basic Dimensions:

Length: 10,50 m
Width: 2,50 m
Height: 3,50 m
Effective Area: 32 m²

Caheeba Attributes Evaluation

Based on the percentages of Caheeba properties, Static Eco Caravan has the potential of complete (-self-sufficiency during the summer, partial during the in-between months and small during winter. It is ideal for resort areas without networks, five star camping (glamorous camping) and seasonal events in remote areas of natural beauty without infrastructure, due to its low environmental footprint and portability.

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