Green Canteen

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The towable canteen, offers separately accessible spaces for preparing/selling products and electrical energy production/storage capabilities. It has an autonomous water supply / drainage-sewerage system with the facility of external connections to the mains and a gas network (LPG) installation with an exterior gas cylinder storage compartment. It can be positioned in interior or exterior spaces and is equipped with a sliding-drawer system display-fridge, storage space, dimmable led interior lighting, luminous led sign, foldable canopy with the ability to accommodate an awning and several menu and product display surfaces It is flexible to deploy (set-up)/pack-up and easy to transport.

The Green Canteen is made of wooden framed panels insulated by 3-4cm polystyrene and rock wool. External cladding is made of GRP and internal cladding is made of GRP or plywood panel lining. The chassis is made of bended galvanized sheet metal and the openings are covered with aluminum frames. It can be equipped with 2 P/V panels of 500W power capacity in total, with the necessary electrical layouts for producing electricity, while outdoors, it is optionally combined with a small wind generator It comes with all the necessary towing certifications for Greece and the EU, as well as the mechanical engineering infrastructure required to operate as a complete canteen or a large variety sanitary product display / sale spot.

The “a la carte “interior layout is available and represents the small scale complete solution for versatile professionals wishing to exhibit an environment friendly and design based scope for their products.

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  • Greek Canteen

Interior Space Characteristics

Interior Spaces:

1. Preparation Space
2. Display / Sale Space
3. Display / Sale Space

Basic dimensions:

Length: 3.80m ανοιχτή / 3.00m closed
Width: 2.00-2.50m
Height: 2.20-2.80m
Effective Area: 7.50-9,50m² open

Caheeba Attributes Evaluation

Based on the percentages of Caheeba properties, Green Canteen operates partially self-sustained during the summer months and is ideal for frequent relocation / travel. The autonomy and frequent relocation capabilities will be reduced significantly in the case of operations that impose heavy loads, refrigerators and machinery with high energy consumption and demand for water / sanitation.

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