Static Eco Canteen

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The canteen has a characteristic morphology of Greek or Mediterranean elements. The technical features are similar to those of the green canteen. It includes more space for the fixed counter-refrigerator and the product preparation / storage. It is not as flexible as the green canteen, because of its weight and size and is intended for an indoor or outdoor seasonal or permanent installation.

The Static Eco Canteen is made of wooden framed panels insulated by 3-4cm polystyrene and rock wool. External cladding is made of GRP and internal cladding is made of GRP or plywood panel lining. The chassis is made of bended galvanized sheet metal and the openings are covered with aluminum frames. It can be equipped with flexible P/V panels of 250W power capacity in total, with the necessary electrical layouts for producing electricity, while outdoors it is optionally combined with a small wind generator. It comes with all the necessary towing certifications for Greece and the EU, as well as the mechanical engineering infrastructure required to operate as a canteen or a large variety sanitary product sale / display spot with greater capabilities of transporting the weight of products and equipment.

The “a la carte “interior layout is available and represents the complete solution for versatile companies and professionals wishing to exhibit an environment friendly Greek / Mediterranean profile for their products.

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Interior Characteristics

Interior Spaces:

1. Preparation Space
2. Display / Sale Space
3. Storage Space

Basic dimensions:

Length: 4,85m ανοιχτή / 3,85m closed
Width: 2.00-2.50m
Height: 2.40-2,60m
Effective Area: 10-12m² open

Caheeba Attributes Evaluation

Based on the percentages of Caheeba properties, Static Eco Canteen is partially autonomous self-sustained and less-frequently relocates during its operation. It is ideal for seasonal or permanent operation of sanitary interest uses that require large loads, refrigerators and equipment of high energy consumption as well as connections to the main water / sewerage networks.

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